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Transportation of Freight to International Food and Drink Fairs

International Milestones Achieved Together

Participation in international fairs and exhibitions requires unique competences, expert skills, effort and time. And a truly great performance in such prestigious events is unthinkable without faultless logistics. “Via Genero” is an experienced European carrier which has a unique expertise in delivering your products to the most prestigious food and drink fairs across Europe.  Our unique exhibition logistics service will get your products from anywhere in the Baltics to all the major food and drinks fairs across the continent. Products are delivered fresh, on time, safely and without stress.

“Via Genero” represents professionalism in every segment of the logistics chain, from the pickup of the products from your warehouse, the construction of exhibition stands and their management, to tiniest details like adapting refrigerator plugs to local electrical outlets. You strategize your international success on the grand level. We take care of all the details.

The service includes:

•     The transportation of neutral and temperature-controlled freight from the Baltics to international events in Western Europe, and back;

•     Warehousing and loading (in your home country, and in the fair-hosting country)

•     Customs mediation;

•     Distribution (local product transportation in the Baltics)

•     Freight pickup in the host country; transport to the venue of the exhibition;

•     Expert exhibition services - management of stands, consultations, process organization.

•     Other services related to the best possible presentation of your products to prestigious international audiences.

“Via Genero” will get your products to these international fairs and exhibitions.

Main routes: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and all the other Western destinations which make your business tick.

We deliver speed, assurance and flexible solutions to complex logistics challenges. You can put your pyjamas on. Because we are good at eliminating ‘logistics stress’, as your products are on the way to international success.

Full list of events and dates.