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Santa to Fire Reindeers and Switch to Teleportation?

2015 marked a breakthrough in teleportation technologies. Scientists broke a record by teleporting quantum information from one photon to another across over 60 miles of fiber-optic cable. Is this the beginning of an end for traditional transportation and logistics? Is there coming a time when you will move your goods using a Japanese teleport computer, rather than a carrier company? Will Santa fire his reindeers? Progress is unstoppable. For now, however, we urge you to choose the second best option to teleportation: the speed, professionalism and commitment of “Via Genero”.

Thank you for staying with us in 2015. Next year we will be even more aggressive in protecting your business interests. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let there be some mistake in Santa’s computer, so that all of his gifts are teleported directly under your Christmas Tree!

Via Genero team