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Why a Professional is more Important than a New Truck

Two decades ago there were  88 logistics companies in Lithuania who had a license to carry passengers and goods. Today there are over 27 000 trucks in Lithuania traveling across Europe. Lithuania has become a small logistics powerhouse. The market, however, has developed to a stage when development in width must be counterbalanced with an even more active development in depth. Instead of chewing as big a share of the market as you can chew, you have to think in terms of chewing thoroughly everything that fits in your mouth. This is the current challenge of a far-sighted carrier. And this requires investments in employees with different logistics expertise, professionals who are capable of managing the ever increasing complexity of the logistics chain. 

Specialization and Specialists

The part of the GDP created by Lithuanian transport and logistics sector is well above the EU average. On the other hand, it is estimated that, due to phantasmagorical Russian import policies, our carriers have already lost an income of over 40 million Euros. What does this mean? It means that the demand for logistics services remains enormous, yet erratic. And that changes in the market require adjustments, alternative directions and constant investments in new competencies.

Development "in width", when a company transports everything and everyhow to as many countries as possible, is no longer smart for Lithuanian carriers who are aiming to become important players in the European marketplace. Instead of focusing on new trucks, semitrailers or thermo-regulated minibuses, we should think more about a person – a logistics professional who is becoming the decisive factor in the competitiveness equation.

Development "in depth" is specialization, a decision to do something perfectly instead of doing everything so-so. European clients can choose from thousands of companies that offer transportation services. Therefore, orders are won by those who are best at fulfilling unique requirements.

That is why "Via Genero”, a logistics company operating for almost two decades, has been focusing on the transportation of temperature-controlled and part loads since 2007. In order to maintain and strengthen our national and international positions in this niche, we are always hungry for new professionals with niche competences.

Let them Dream

Experienced hands behind the wheel of a truck are pure gold. However, ambitious specialists of modern logistics technologies who are able to control specific components of the logistics chain (and the "cold chain") are even more valuable. A comfortable, motivating and progressive environment for such new specialists – this is the vow of "Via Genero”. This is the long-term vision. Focusing on clients and orders of any kind is suicidal in the long run.

Of course, one needs to understand that an employee always has his own personal goals which may eventually clash with the company's goals. And this is perfectly natural. The employee has the right to dream. And the employer has an obligation not to ruin those dreams. The relationship between the employee and the employer unites as well as separates.


However, the capacity to create stable relations within the company (when "I" is replaced by “we”, to use a cliche), creates the core of the company which is essential when it comes to withstanding issues related to external changes. Only then can obligations to clients be fulfilled under any circumstances and in a way that corresponds to the highest European standards. Because only true professionalism shown by everybody together leads to mutual victories for both clients and carriers, regardless of whether the problems are caused by a serious competitor, a hurricane on the road or an angry transport inspection.