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How many truck drivers does it take to tell a joke?

Getting back to work from holidays is never easy. To avoid the "post-festive" depression and meet the challenges of the new year with a good mood and without too much stress, one may enjoy several anecdotes from the folklore of logistics.

From a yo-yo to a whoa

A truck carrying yo-yos flew over a cliff into the ocean and drowned. 63 times so far.

BBC News announce: A cargo ship loaded with Viagra has sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. An update of the announcement an hour later: Titanic has surfaced.

And a little bit of self-criticism

How many logisticians does it take to change a light bulb? None, the light bulbs are late…

What does a conversation between carriers sound like?

Mykolas and Jonas are driving in a truck and suddenly see a road sign: 11-foot-high bridge ahead. One of them says:

-Damn, our truck is 12 foot high...

The other one looks around, looks out the window, and glances at the mirrors:

-Let's do it, I don't see any police around.

Two drivers, Juozas and Jonas, are applying for a position. The boss gives Juozas an oral test:

-Imagine that it's two o'clock at night, you are driving through a narrow bridge and you are carrying nitro-glycerine in your truck. Suddenly, another truck appears out of nowhere and is speeding towards you. What do you do?

-I would, of course, immediately wake Jonas up – he has never seen an accident like this!

Linguistic freight

A truck carrying synonym dictionaries got into an accident yesterday and scattered its load all over. Witnesses were shocked, surprised, unable to believe their eyes, excited, speechless, astounded, overwhelmed and stunned.

And finally – a lesson why drivers should be respected:

A pastor and a truck driver are killed in a car accident and go to heaven. Both of them receive a warm welcome and are escorted to their living quarters. An angel points towards a villa decorated with gold – this will be the truck driver's new home. The angel then escorts the pastor to a small wooden hut.

Confused, the pastor asks:

-Why was the driver given a golden palace, while all I got was this wooden shack even though I was a faithful servant of God?

The angel explains:

-When you were preaching, people were sleeping, but when he was driving, everyone around was praying.

Start this year the way that you have read this text – relaxed and stress-free. No matter how challenging and complicated the logistics business can become, we will continue to do everything we can to avoid any misunderstandings and logistical "anecdotes" in 2015. So you can put on your pyjamas and fall into a peaceful sleep while we take care of your load!