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The Dilemma of One Thousand and One Carriers: How to Choose?

Logistics is dynamic, it is a business that connects a large amount of external variables within itself: sanctions, flat tires, icy roads, cancelled orders...

It is a business to which you entrust the fate of your products. But at the same time it is a business which is not easy to trust – due to the countless circumstances beyond one's control and poor business culture still dominant in our region. How to make the right choice when delegating your trust to a logistics company? How to make the right choice when seemingly identical services are offered by one thousand and one carriers? We should begin by busting three myths.

Myth No.1: High quality logistics – logistics without surprises

Based on 17 years of experience in the market, we can safely say that there is not one logistics company which has not encountered unexpected situations or unforeseen challenges. It is possible to reduce the probability of extraordinary situations to a minimum, but it is impossible to completely eliminate risk. This is not a death sentence for you and your carriers, but rather a chance to see the true colors of your partners. In other words, the best indicator of professionalism is not the prevention of all possible problems (which is impossible), but the reaction to those problems: : will there be attempts to conceal problems and offer excuses, or on the contrary - will there be attempts to find solutions in the midst of chaos?

Everyone makes mistakes. Rules are broken when tires explode. When vehicles are under inspection. When orders are cancelled 5 minutes before departure. And time is running out to the disadvantage of the carrier. However, values and determination to follow the rules remain. So that we remain faithful to the fundamental principle of professional logistics – the vow to deliver the goods on time. Safely and quickly. At all costs. Because the success of a carrier from a small country depends on commitment and respect - respect for the client, respect for itself, respect for our country whose national symbol is embellished on trucks and loads delivered across the European roads.

Myth No.2: High quality logistics are impossible without foreign capital

No matter how much one would like to believe it, "foreign capital" does not by itself guarantee the quality of logistics services. And Lithuanian identity likewise is not an inborn sin of a logistics company. What is what becomes clear by looking further into every company's history, the path that it went through, strategy, existing capacity and, of course, values. "Via Genero" - a company of Lithuanian capital has expanded from 4 employees and 4 vehicles in 1997 to 35 team members, 35 trucks, 28 refrigerated semi-trailers and 7 tilt semitrailers today. This year alone, investments in the modernization of work equipment reached EUR 100 000 in order to ensure our service quality and the peace of mind of our clients.

Hence, quality is not determined by the origin of the capital or national symbolism. It is determined by the hunger and the uncompromising dedication to one's client so that he or she could sleep peacefully in his or her pyjamas. The responsibility to make sacrifices for the sake of the impossible. For the sake of control of all transportation links – from the client's first call to product unloading in the final unloading site. Without allowing the client to experience too much stress.

Our experience shows that the solution of Lithuanian logistics in the transportation and forwarding market can not only meet Western standards, but can surpass them as well. This is a business that grew together with independent Lithuania. When society adopted social and technical innovations, they were adopted by businesses as well. Gradually workplaces were modernized, investments in the qualifications of team members have increased, and, finally, there was an understanding on what business should be like to become an equal part of the international business community. Just look at a middle-aged driver, a child of socialism, gradually adopting European work values. This is how primary knowledge of quality management turned into the daily following of the ISO 9001, 14001 standards.

Myth No.3: High quality logistics is a trade for grumpy people

A good carrier is not someone whose experience and knowledge is evident in his sour face. A good carrier is not someone who blindly performs all the hard work assigned to him. Limited responsibility and automatically performed daily tasks will not teach you the lessons of flexibility and adjustment to the rapidly growing market requirements. There is a lot of work. Each team member receives more and more responsibilities. In general, it is impossible to estimate the potential challenges. And the only way to guarantee the peaceful night's sleep of the client is to ensure that each person working in the team has the enthusiasm and ardour to perform his duties with pleasure.

Continuous investment in team development. Workplace modernization. Teamwork based on friendship and support. All this is of paramount importance. It does not matter which part of the chain you belong in – whether you are a loader, a warehouse worker or a carrier. It does not matter what you are transporting – full, part or dangerous loads. The greatest challenge is to perform your work with pleasure. In a way which would allow the client to feel fresh and well rested in the morning. So that he could enjoy a cup of coffee in his pyjamas and contemplate with ease new development directions for his business, rather than stress out about apricots which are late.