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We Invest in Your Success by Ensuring:

Strategy and Flexibility

It is not by accident that the silhouette of a cheetah was chosen to be the symbol of "Via Genero". It embodies the company's character and fundamental traits – planning ahead, anticipation, quick adaptation, flexible reactions. Passion and experience. Cool head in place of logistics stress. So that you feel calm about the journey of your goods, as the roads of Europe lie obediently beneath the wheels of "Via Genero”.

Quality and Innovation

ISO 9001 and 14001 standards are a necessary but not a sufficient condition for the highest quality of services. Therefore, "Via Genero" is constantly investing in innovative technologies and the qualifications of its employees, so that the journey of your products is always smooth and safe. VG EFFECTO program was implemented in 2014 by investing more than EUR 150 000 into the modernization of warehousing, transportation and forwarding modules, as well as the centralized control system for refrigeration equipment. Opportunities were also created for all the company's drivers to obtain ADR (dangerous freight) transportation certificates. 

Attention and Dynamism

Attention to your needs, customized logistics solutions, and passion for speed in every task are encoded in the genes of "Via Genero". The logistics cheetah ensures that logistics solutions are always adapted to the dynamics of the market. In case of unforeseen challenges, immediate solutions, rather than excuses, would be sought. So that you can put your pyjamas on at night while business is silently moving in the right direction.

Respect and Loyalty

The success of "Via Genero" depends on respect for its clients and partners. We are loyal to your vision and mission. And we are proud to represent our country Lithuania as our trucks travel the Old Continent. Lithuania is a humble powerhouse of logistics, and we work every day to represent our country in the best way possible.