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Quality and Environment Policy

Quality which leaves no room for risk. Quality with respects the environment.

Our business policy is founded in the principles of:

Strategy and Flexibility. Quality and Innovation.

Speed and Concentration. Respect and Loyalty.

“Via Genero” - The Beast on Your Side

We have begun forwarding and transporting freight internationally in 1997. Today “Via Genero” offers a complex set of logistics services.

Our quality and environment policies are grounded in ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. We believe in planning, premeditated prevention of problems, flexible reactions and solutions to unforeseen challenges, and adjustment to your needs. “Via Genero” guarantees:

•         Unique attention to speed and security, so that freight is always delivered on time and without stress on your part.

•         The meeting of highest expectations in delivering LTL and FTL freight, neutral and temperature-controlled freight to any location in Europe.

•         The use of environmentally friendly materials and a responsible approach to environmental protection and pollution prevention.


As we drive your business to international success, we operate under these commitments:

•         Forwarding and transporting freight on international routes is conducted in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, the legals acts of Lithuanian Republic and other supplementary standards.

•         Attention to keeping our management systems up-to-date, productivity improvement, the application of innovations, investments to the qualification of our employees. So that European roads would always obey the wheels of “Via Genero”, and your freight is always delivered on time, safely and fresh.

•         The cultivation of friendly and trust-based relationship with our clients and partners. At “Via Genero”, we care about the growth of your business and we help you eliminate all logistics-related risks.

•      Adherence to strict environmental standards. Effective reduction of pollution and CO2 emissions. We care about the environment as it is today and as it will be tomorrow.

We are ready to move your business forward. Put on your pyjamas, for we are good at destroying logistics stress.


JSC „Via Genero“                                                                                           Evaldas Didzinskas