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Our History

Stage I – Exploration and Strategy

1997 – establishment of the company in the city of Šiauliai. The company has 4 employees. The transport fleet consists of 2 trucks and 2 refrigerated semi-trailers.

2005 – Evaldas Didzinskas is appointed as CEO. The company‘s name is changed from private company of Olegas Šorochovas to "Via Genero" (L. "road of possibilities"). The range of services is extended by adding forwarding services. A long-term development vision is put into paper.

2005 – debut in the prestigious global fresh fruit and vegetable exhibition "Fruit Logistica". Representatives of "Via Genero" become regular participants at the annual exhibition (fruitful participation for ten years in a row now!).

Stage II – Concentrated Growth

2006 – 5 trucks and 5 refrigerated semi-trailers are added to the transport fleet. Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Hungary and other destinations are added to the geography of “Via Genero”.

2006 – debut in the food fair "Anuga". Participation in this fair becomes an annual thing for "Via Genero". The company establishes a strong position in the sector of perishable products.

2007 – the company's head office is transferred to the city of Kaunas. Transport fleet is expanded to an overall of 8 trucks, 6 refrigerated semi-trailers and 2 tilt semi-trailers. “Via Genero” now carries both neutral and temperature-controlled freight. Important improvements are made in our loading, warehousing, sorting, labelling and other services.

2008 – a sub-contract model of cooperation with the carriers is established. General transport fleet capacity is growing: 18 trucks, 14 refrigerated semi-trailers and 4 tilt semi-trailers.

Stage III – Progress During Crisis

2009 – a year of breakthrough and adaptation to changing external conditions. A number of sub-contract carriers are resigned. The company is reorganized to function as a regional leader of Less Than Truckload logistics.

2010 – specialization is further increased in less-than-truckload logistics. “Via Genero” also offers unique expertise in the transportation of perishable products. Unique specialties result in doubled sales. Ratio between LTL and FTL freight is 1:1. Our transport fleet, including sub-contract carriers, now consists of 21 trucks, 18 refrigerated semi-trailers and 3 tilt semi-trailers.

Stage IV – Development and Specialization

2011 – activities of the company are optimized by installing forwarding and transport module "Klevas", as well as accounting software “Rivilė".

2011 – our transport fleet now consists of 28 units of which most are two-compartment refrigerated semi-trailers which allow to preserve two different temperature regimes. The ratio between LTL and FTL freight is now 2:1.

2012 – our company is attested by the DNV. "Via Genero" receives quality management system and environmental protection certificates (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). The company invests in the improvement of service quality and environmental protection.

2012 – debut in the annual "Sial" exhibition.

2013 – the company continues to accumulate forces in the fields LTL and urgent deliveries. Transport fleet is expanded to 35 trucks, 28 refrigerated semi-trailers and 7 tilt semi-trailers. LTL now covers 71% of total sales. Total annual sales reach EUR 4.9 million.

2014 –  the modernization of "VG EFFECTO" (warehousing, transport, forwarding modules, office facilities, centralized control of refrigeration equipment) is commenced. A new specialization in ADR transportation attracts a new client base.

Stage V – Today and Tomorrow

“Via Genero” stands for logistics without fatigue. Now in its late teens, the beast of logistics is still hungry for challenges. Contact us today and let’s create history together.

Even if Europe is suddenly swept away by a hurricane, covered with glaciers and European roads are mined by terrorists, we will still do what needs to be done. On time. And without logistics stress on your part.